Monday, August 31, 2015

Nuland's Nazi Friends Riot in Kiev

1 Dead and 100 Wounded after Grenade Thrown

Oleh Tyahnybok leader of the Svoboda fascist party (left) with US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria (Fuck Europe) Nuland and her Prime Minister designate and soon to be Prime Minister Yatsenuk (right) last year just before the coup.

Tyahnybok rushing the National Guard in today's demonstration by the Svoboda fascists outside Rada building in Kiev shortly before the explosion from the grenade thrown into the National Guard and police there.

Above - Here is the video of it.

Below The lies coming from the State Department followed by an interview with Canadian socialist Roger Annis who gives some background to the February coup last year.

Was it just an angry Svoboda Nazi thug that threw the grenade  or was it another false flag operation who knows?  Daria Mitina former Moscow Press Officer of the Foreign Ministry of the Donetsk Peoples' Republic suspects the the Ukrainian Minister of the interior Arsen Avakov (who is standing behind Nuland in the top photo) in her Skleroznik blog (in Russian, use google translate if like me you don't speak Russian)

Below Tyahnybok (right) with his friend John McCain who is sort of giving a Nazi salute .

While below here is  Tyahnybok giving a Nazi salute during a speech

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