Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Most Embarrassing Graph in Modern Physics

Over at cosmologist Sean Carroll's blog he is discussing The Most Embarrassing Graph in Modern Physics and the interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

For what it is worth, I threw in my two penn'orth:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hives the Great Swedish Garage Rockers

My wife recently saw the Hives on the Carson Daily Show.  She was really impressed which really surprised me as normally she is not so much into the punk and related stuff I like but I guess garage may be more accessible.  They are really a great live band I have enjoyed their work for about ten years now (thanks Thierry for recommending them).

I have embedded this video of them performing the same "Go Right Ahead" together with "Insane" from their new album "Les Hives" live at the Camden Roundhouse London last month. 

One reason for posting it is the Roundhouse brings back many memories for me.   A long time ago I saw Pink Floyd there before they became famous and Boring Old Farts. This was when Syd Barrett was still with them and before the mother-fuckers had driven him mad while they were still an interesting experimental band.  I also attended the first secret unannounced London performance of Cream there. It was supposed to be their first public performance but a friend who played base in Geno Washington's Ram-Jam Band saw their real first performance at a Club in High Wycombe a couple of days earlier.  He had played a festival with Pink Floyd and talked to some of the members off stage.  They tried to convince him that their type of music was the "future of music" (shades of Wagner) unfortunately they were partially right.

I remember attending an excellent production of Brecht's stage adaptation of Gorky's Mother at the Roundhouse while I was a student.  The most impressive production I saw at the Roundhouse was the original production of Ballet Rambert's "Cruel Garden" inspired by the life of Garcia Lorca.  I will never forget this performance, my wife and I found it deeply moving.

Anyway for some fun dynamic Swedish garage rock keep on playing The Hives.

A New Year Begins

Well it is New Years Day and the Holiday Season is almost over.   I haven't made any New Years resolutions but I suppose I should have made one to post in this blog more often.

Well what did I do over the Holiday?  We didn't have the normal Christmas dinner of Turkey and all the trimmings.  We had sushi instead and repeated it again for New Years eve.  The holidays provide a good excuse for drinking Champagne.  Over Christmas we had a bottle of Piper-Heidseck Brut.  Then on New Years Eve we opened a bottle of Lanson Black Label Brut.

The Piper-Heidseck was very strongly brut, light coloured with lemony citrus aromas.  The Lanson on the other hand was a darker straw colour, a richer and slightly less brut champagne.  Which do I prefer?  I like them both.

We will be continuing drinking the Lanson tonight with more sushi.

A Happy New Year to every one who makes it to this blog!