Sunday, October 7, 2012

Champagne Cava Comparison

As I mentioned in my last post:
"We have just finished a bottle of Cattier champagne (Champagne Cattier Brut Premier Cru) for our anniversary and are opening a bottle of Cava Reyes de Aragon Brut Reserva."
This seems like a good moment to have a Champagne to Cava  comparison.  The Cattier was released by the the LCBO last year here in Ontario and it has been sitting for about a year in our cellar (well cupboard with a wine rack in it).  We had been hoping to find a champagne with the distinct toasty note we remembered from twenty years ago and haven't really noticed in the cheaper champagne we have been buying here.  We didn't really get the toast note we hoped for, but it was a fine champagne full of depth and complexity with a noticeable  straw colour.  It was one of the best champagnes we have had here and excellent value at $39.95 but then again we are not trying Dom Perignon at >$200, we are not even running to Bolly.

The Cava Reyes de Aragon Brut we had only bought a couple of weeks ago, but it is a 2009 vintage which is anyway the about of maturing time a "champagne method" sparkler (I guess according to the champagne producers I am not allowed to use that term) needs before release.  This is an outstandingly  good cava, like the Cattier it had a (not so strong) straw colour with a depth and complexity that matched the champagne.  In fact it was difficult to tell it from the champagne.  It was almost as good as the champagne only on  a few notes did it not quite equal the Cattier.  Incredible value for $13.95

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